Your comments are welcome. The usual rules of libel and common sense apply.

Persons wanting to contact inmates need to do so through the CDCR website, not this website. Go to At the top of the page, second tab from the right, click Visitation. On that screen click Inmate Locator. That will guide you to connecting with an inmate.

Inmates and staff are especially happy to hear that the paper is useful in schools and other institutions. If that’s the case for you, please let us know in the comment section below.


245 comments on “Feedback

  1. John Golden says:

    Please keep in mind that back in 2014 the San Quentin News Paper was shut down for 45 days because they published a photograph that the Warden did not approve of ! This News paper is printed in San Rafael California 4 miles out side the East Gate of San Quentin ! There fore the Warden of San Quentin violated the First Amendment civil rights of not only all the incarcerated MEN of Q ! But also Law abiding American citizens out side the Penitentiary ! The San Quentin News Paper is in my opinion the finest News Paper every to be published on American soil ! Inside our outside of any Prison ! Once Upon A Time At San Quentin at John Wedgwood Golden

    On Fri, Mar 25, 2016 at 7:42 AM, San Quentin News wrote:

    > Catherine B commented: “I visited San Quentin with the Insight Prison > Project and was very impressed with the work that the men in the VOEG > program are doing and with the quality of the newspaper. Keep up the good > work!” >

  2. Catherine B says:

    I visited San Quentin with the Insight Prison Project and was very impressed with the work that the men in the VOEG program are doing and with the quality of the newspaper. Keep up the good work!

  3. John Golden says:

    I am in total agreement with you on this one Kirk !

  4. Brook says:

    I was really moved by the Life of the Law “A whole ‘nother world… Live @ San Quentin” radio show I heard (it aired tonight on KQED, the SF public radio station). Wishing you all the best.

  5. John Golden says:

    I forward this info to as many friends as I can !

  6. John Golden says:

    I had my house Burglarized here in Oregon over a dozen times ! They just kept coming back for more stuff ! Simple solution right ? Just lay in wait for the FUCKING BASTARDS then literally shoot them DEAD with a 12 gauge shotgun ? WRONG I get sent to Prison for ” ENTRAPMENT ” You can’t trap Burglars in your own house ! That would not be fair to the poor Burglars ! We had to just leave our home and let them take what ever they wanted ! The Josephine County Sheriff refused to do anything ! He said to me ” What am I suppose to do about it ” ! Vote For TRUMP

  7. John Golden says:

    Sorry Terra ! Can’t help you !

    On Mon, Feb 29, 2016 at 12:00 PM, San Quentin News wrote:

    > Terra commented: “I am looking to get information on Cedric Johnson. If > anyone could help me out I would appreciate it. Thank you, Terra” >

  8. Terra says:

    I am looking to get information on Cedric Johnson. If anyone could help me out I would appreciate it.

    Thank you,

  9. John Golden says:

    I have decoded many Prison writings ! But this is not of my ” PRISON TIME ” or even any TIME within our Male Penitentiary System ! Women have no business in any prison !

  10. John Golden says:

    If the San Quentin News Paper is actually printed off prison property in San Rafael , Marin County ? Then does not the FIRST AMENDMENT protection apply to this Paper ???

    On Wed, Feb 17, 2016 at 10:58 AM, San Quentin News wrote:

    > spoonjackson commented: “This is a request, not to contact a prisoner, but > a prisoner wanting to contact you(!), through me – a friend outside. He > simply wants you to change the address to where you send the San Quentin > newsletter. You are sending it to Pleasant Valley State Pris” >

  11. spoonjackson says:

    This is a request, not to contact a prisoner, but a prisoner wanting to contact you(!), through me – a friend outside. He simply wants you to change the address to where you send the San Quentin newsletter. You are sending it to Pleasant Valley State Prison but he is in Los Angeles County, Lancaster! Please either contact me at the emailaddress I provide or find my friend’s full address on the blog “Realnessnetwork” I run for him (at address below). Thank you beforehand!

    PS Sorry, I haven’t been able to find another way to contact you.
    PPS I’d like to add your website to the list on the blog.

  12. John Golden says:

    Please send this video to all the American people you can think of !

  13. John Golden says:

    This is great news Tony ! The American People are beginning to RISE !” THE SHOT HEAD AROUND THE WORLD” !!!

  14. John Golden says:

    Please watch this video ? And sent to as many people as possible !

  15. John Golden says:

    Hang in there young lady who narrated this homicidal video ! It will be spread across the world ! You did a fantastic job !

  16. John Golden says:

    In my opinion the Rancher who was shot and killed by Oregon State Troopers was murdered ! He never drew his legally concealed handgun ! By the states own admission ! ” We found a loaded 9 mm handgun on him ” ! So he put his pistol back in his shoulder holster after they shot him dead ??? This Officer doing the shooting ? Assumed the Rancher was going to draw his weapon ! The first thing one learns in firearm training is NEVER ASSUME !

  17. John Golden says:

    Great info Dennis ! For what it is worth ? My book Once Upon A Time At San Quentin on was just BANNED for sale at the Book Store on Alcatraz island by the Federal Parks Service ! I have retained a pro bono Attorney ” FIRST AMENDMENT ”

    On Wed, Jan 20, 2016 at 6:18 PM, San Quentin News wrote:

    > Dennis Zaro commented: “I served at San Quentin from 2000 to 2004 as > Supervisor of Academic Instruction (now vice principal) in the education > department. I have developed a curriculum packaged in a unique kit format > entitled “Inner Journeys.” It is designed specifically for in” >

  18. Dennis Zaro says:

    I served at San Quentin from 2000 to 2004 as Supervisor of Academic Instruction (now vice principal) in the education department.
    I have developed a curriculum packaged in a unique kit format entitled “Inner Journeys.” It is designed specifically for incarcerated and previously incarcerated people in treatment for substance abuse issues. Inner Journeys has been successfully field tested with primary focus on cognitive behavioral therapy. I am willing to donate my work to a worthy treatment program or venue serving the target population. I can forward comprehensive documentation in support of Inner Journeys.
    If you feel you can link me up with an appropriate home for Inner Journeys, do not hesitate to contact me.
    Sincerely, Dennis Zaro, Ed.D.

  19. Briggitt avalos says:

    You guys have an awesome newspaper anyways heres a suggestion you guys well the warden or you guys or whoever is in charge should book and look into Shawn Barker The Man In Black and book him to play in the prison just like Johnny cash did which was legendary and hey maybe make a cd and dvd out of this you know document it

  20. Faraji Kamau says:

    I need info on any deaths in April of 2009 at SQ

  21. John Golden says:

    Hello Patricia : Be very careful in dealing with the Administration at Q ! There are many good people both Staff and Inmates ! However the lethal SNAKES far out last them all !

  22. Jose G. Camacho says:

    Jose G. Camacho, Great News: Also, I made contact with Sacramento Mayor, Kevin Johnson, and he should be contacting Sam Robinson in the very near future to set up a forum. To Anulfo Garcia

  23. Congrats on creating the first prison-based chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists! I would love to book Editor in Chief Garcia to talk to my journalism class at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio, via Skype, Google Hangout, or whatever might be possible. I am at — and would love to connect with him or another editor to arrange a class Q&A.

  24. John Wedgwood Golden says:

    You might try reading The Chronicles Of San Quentin by Lamont !

  25. Is there an archive of the SQ News from the 1930’s and 1940’s when Warden Duffy brought the paper back? I am researching some important history that took place during this time period and your paper would be invaluable! Thank you for your help!

  26. John Golden says:

    I wish I could have attended !

    On Sun, Dec 6, 2015 at 12:07 AM, San Quentin News wrote:

    > Peter Sussman commented: “Thanks to all for the great work you’ve been > doing and for the inspiring Life of the Law presentation tonight. It was > wonderful to meet some of you in person, and I look forward to continuing > dialogue.”

  27. Thanks to all for the great work you’ve been doing and for the inspiring Life of the Law presentation tonight. It was wonderful to meet some of you in person, and I look forward to continuing dialogue.

  28. John Golden says:

    If there was any way I could help you ? I would !

  29. Dewitt says:

    National central banks play an important part in the foreign exchange markets.

  30. Kirsten says:

    Good evening,

    I am not sure how to address my post, for I’m not sure who will receive it, but I’m writing you with the hopes of contacting Mr. Michael Harris. He previously worked as an editor of the SQ paper while incarcerated at San Quentin State Prison. He was released from the facility in (departed from) 2011. He was found suitable for release in 2009. I was simply touched by an interview series (I recently came across) that Mr. Harris did with host Jay King leading up to his parole in 2009. He discussed some of his plans upon release and I just wanted to follow up with him in that regard, because I share a common vision.If you have any information in this regards please submit it to me, looking forward to your reply.Also if you know who I can contact or if you could point me in the right direction of how to look up public information about previous incarcerated persons it would be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance.


  31. John Wedgwood Golden says:

    Hello Stephanie Henry : Your Father and all the Inmate Staff at San Quentin News , do a fantastic job of editing and producing there News Paper ! I am a former Correctional Officer from Q ” Terminated ” in 1980 ! It is not easy for any inmate to ever say, much less,
    put anything in print ” POSITIVE ” about a former ” Prison Guard ” But they treated me very fare with no bias !

  32. Stephanie Henry says:

    I think my dad CHARLES DAVID HENRY is doing an amazing job as a writer on the San Quentin newspaper. I am extremely proud of his accomplishments in such a tough environment. Charles David Henry is a very precise individual and very detailed on his writing and has always been. Kiddos Pops your baby girl is proud. Keep up the amazing work and continue to keep both inmates and the public informed

  33. John Wedgwood Golden says:

    In my opinion. The San Quentin administration fears the photograph ! Especially the candid, or uncensored one, as does any dictator within any given state. Remember ! Last year 2014 , the Warden of Q , shut down the S.Q. News Paper for 45 days , for printing just such a photograph !

  34. Hello Genea,
    Typically, pictures are not rendered for mass distribution that are taken of ceremonies and events inside San Quentin Prison. Pictures taken by prison photographers within the prison are the property of San Quentin Prison and CDCR. It is our understanding that the release of any photo taken within the prison grounds must first be cleared by the prison administration’s Public Information Officer. This policy also holds true for photos utilized within our newspaper publication. For more help with your inquiry please contact the prison directly.

    Best wishes

  35. Genea Paden says:

    I attended a graduation on June 23, 2015 where people were taking photographs, I’m assuming for the newspaper. I’m wondering if there is a way to receive a copy of any pictures I happen to be in? Please let me know if this is the incorrect forum for this request. Thank you, and I do enjoy reading your newspaper. It helps me feel connected to the man I love and get a glimpse, albeit a small one, of what his life is like in San Quentin.

  36. John Wedgwood Golden says:

    This is John Wedgwood Golden author of Once Upon A Time At San Quentin at I grew up on the San Quentin Reservation. In 1972, I went to work as a Correctional Officer at Q. In 1980 I was terminated from state service for shooting unauthorized photographs behind the draconian walls of San Quentin. This work is a one man prison photographic documentary with text. did a book review Go to back issues. Sept. issue 2014 page seven bottom right corner. Also Oct. issue 2014 page thirteen. I am trying to raise money for ! I have sold about 40 books so far at $4.32 profit per copy on I have a ways to go before I can cut them a check. My wife and I are living on $800.00 per month social security up here in Oregon. What can I say !

  37. I enjoyed the May 2015 issue of SQ News. I was especially impressed that the newspaper seems to have a consistent policy on capitalizing ethnicities, unlike the East Bay Express. I run a program at the Center for Juvenile and Criminal Justice (CJCJ) that provides case management, job assistance and training, and supportive services to homeless individuals in San Francisco. I often work with people who have recently been released from jail and prison. For more information, please see:

    Keep up the great work.

  38. Hello Victor. I am never disappointed at the skill and artistry that arises from behind the walls of a prison. Your poetry is among the many forms of artistic self expression which prisoners engage in when they find their lives restricted through incarceration. I personally consider such expressions to be a manifestation of the essence of our humanity. Sadly, we are not aware of any archived editions of the paper from which we could reprint your poetry. Thank you for sharing this bit with our readers and for making yourself available for those wishing to know more about yourself or your experience at San Quentin.

    All the best
    Richard Lindsey
    SQN Researcher

  39. Victor S. Hemphill, Sr. (A18210, A58-199 (not 100% says:

    I was in San Quentin in 1951, 1954 and 1961. While there i wrote several poems that were published in the S.Q.News. I worked in the commissary office (purchasing office). I was VERY satisfied with my many years in prison. The first poem i wrote that was used. I only remember the first and last verses:

    First verse:
    The cell door slams, the bar is dropped, another day is done.
    I stand before the bars for count, another victory won.
    I’ve seen it through, this endless day, my hope is still alive
    For soon i’ll have that freedom dear, the goal for which I strive

    The count is clear, the lights go out, I kneel beside my bed
    And thank the Lord for showing me the way that lies ahead
    When morning dawns, the other men will rise, the yard to roam
    But not so me, for don’t you see,Tomorrow I GO HOME!!!!!

    I will be 88 years old on September 2nd, and would like to talk with anyone who would like to hear from me. My webpage address is

    I have been transcribing for 50 years.


  40. Hello Loren, Unfortunately we are not able to adequately respond to your interesting question. I do know the prison has a very explicitly defined protocol for their management of a condemned prisoner during their final days. I suspect even as early as 1955 there would have been some form of guidelines the prison administration would have had to follow. I would like to invite you to try calling the prison directly and ask for the Public Information Officer who should be able to provide more useful guidance to help you with your research.

    All the Best

  41. Loren Abbey says:

    On June 3, 1955 Barbara Graham was executed in SQ Gas Chamber. Since she was the only female on death row, could you tell me how her privacy rights would have been handled, even though she was there for just one day, having been transferred from Corona on June 2, the day before her execution?
    I’m writing a book that has to do with her conviction and execution.
    Thanks very much
    Loren Abbey

  42. S Dobbin says:

    Please see about an inspirational story about a man wrongly imprisoned for 29 years. He is a prized work colleague.

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  45. Hello Patricia. The San Quentin News is not able to respond to your request as we do not have access to prisoner files. For that information you would need to contact someone at the prison or the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation. We do wish you good luck in your quest to reunite your family members.

  46. Patricia Brennan says:

    I’m trying to find information on an inmate who was there from 1943 to 1946. Prisoner No. 70556. I believe he is my sister’s father but I want to make sure. Is there any way to get some information? His name was Donald Ermitage. He was incarcerated on 10/25/43 and paroled on 11/14/46. Thanks for you help.

  47. The San Quentin News encourages inmates, free staff, custody staff, volunteers and others outside the institution to submit articles. All submissions become the property of the San Quentin News. Please use the following criteria when submitting:
    1. Limit articles to no more than 350 words
    2. Know that articles will be edited for content and length.
    3. The newspaper is not a medium for grievances. We encourage submitting articles that are newsworthy and encompass issues that will have an impact on the prison populace.
    4. Please do not use offensive language in your submissions.
    5. Poems and artwork are welcomed.
    6. Letters to the editor should be short and to the point.

    Send submissions to:
    CSP – San Quentin Education Dept./SQ News
    1 Main Street
    San Quentin, CA 94964

  48. Hello Karen,

    We apologize for the delay in posting your comment. It was initially blocked our site and we have corrected that and have now made your comments public. We encourage any of our readers who may be able to provide their own personal histories for your project to contact you.

    Best wishes on this amazing task and please let us know where we can hear these valuable stories once you have completed your project.

  49. Cheryl Vincent says:

    My son is incarcerated in Tennessee at BCCX. He heard that your newspaper staff is interested in publishing articles from inmates in other places than San Quentin. If this is so, please let me have an address that he may send you an article for print in your newspaper.

  50. Jennifer Roddick says:

    Policy from queen elizabeth 3rd of san francisco ca scotland somoa etc etc

    all children under the age of 17 wether or not they are emancipated they are to be released from the carring out of judgment and pardoned if education and counsiling then retuurn to court for such

    the addoption of the constitution and the amendments are the laws of the land with the minor exception of that we are pro drug and chemical manufacturing and for theropy and medical wellness doing.

  51. kbegay says:

    Dear San Quentin News,
    My name is Karen Begay Im from the Navajo Nation. My family comes from Smoke Signal AZ. My clans are Nakai Dine (Mexican Clan) born for Tahnezahi (People of the Bad Lands). My grandpas and great grandpas and even my ancestors before that were all Medicine Men.

    I currently reside in Flagstaff Arizona where I graduated from Northern Arizona University with a BFA in Painting and Art History. Im currently working on getting my masters degree in English and Creative Writing/Poetry from SNHU. I also work for the Flagstaff Unified School District.

    I am writing to you because I am working on a project which might interest the inmates I call my project the Native American Oral History Project. I have been collecting Native American History Stories told by Natives in Native languages and recorded by myself. I am writing to you to ask you to post an article about my project in your online newspaper.

    These are two links to different online newspapers who have published articles about the Native American Oral History Project. Its a slow process but definitely has its rewards.

    Feel free to contact me anytime if you have any questions. I can be found on facebook under my pseudonym with which I write poems in my dads name Carl Allen.


    Karen Begay

  52. Hello Duke. We at the San Quentin News would first like to acknowledge the frustration you must feel from this experience while reminding our readers that the paper is an independent publication produced by incarcerated journalists housed at San Quentin and who are not affiliated with the prison administration. We have no input on prison policy or procedures. If you have a complaint about prison operations we would invite you to direct those concerns to the prison administration to resolve any problems you might be having.

  53. Duke Holtz says:

    My friend just got into San Quentin, and the ritual of setting up visits so far has been a nightmare. I got the Vpass immediately, but then to make appointments could be deemed nearly impossible. He is in non-contact status, which appears to be a separate system from the online system in Vpass, but there is no info given there either as to what to do. Finally after being cleared for two months by Vpass, I came across the number to call 415-455-5022 and made an my first appointment for yesterday. When trying to make another one for next week, I called early Sunday and was put on hold for just over an hour when I gave up. (every minute I got the message “all officers are busy taking call for visiting, please stay on the line——) I finally called the general number again (415-454-1460) and was told that they were having a problem with that line again, and that after 11AM the line was closed and there was no way to make one for next week????? Really now, we have to be able to do better than that, you say out of one side of the mouth that visiting is important to inmates, but then———

  54. Cory — Send your email address to

  55. Corey says:

    Hi there!
    I am interested in volunteer opportunities with the San Quentin News. I’m a formal journalist and have since left the profession, but find myself missing reporting, editing, and advising. I am inquiring about any opportunities there may be to pitch in. Thank you!

  56. After looking at a few of the blog posts on your site, I really like your way of writing a blog.

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  57. Hi Robin, thanks for your kind words. It is inspiring to know the San Quentin News is being used as a teaching tool to assist youth in learning how to make healthy choices in life. Also, the focus of your studies on education and incarceration is greatly important to our developing a greater understanding of how the intersectionality of the two act to impact society. We wish you a powerful and informative journey along the way towards your doctorate!

  58. Robin Myers-Li says:

    I’ve been receiving the San Quentin News for about a year now. I have friends in prison and I have been a volunteer teacher in a prison near where I live, teaching Creative Writing. I’m a high school teacher and I teach English to at-risk students. I love that I can share some articles with them to encourage them to overcome the many obstacles they face. I am also doing my doctorate in Educational Leadership and my focus is education and incarceration. Keep writing. The hope is that more people will fight for inmates rights to educational programs and programs that provide opportunities to share your voices. We all make mistakes, but above all else, we are all human, so we all need to fight for humanity for ALL people. I always look forward to reading my copy when I receive it in the mail. Keep standing tall and doing great work! RML

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  60. Interested readers who would like to receive a monthly copy of our publication are encouraged to visit the “Support” tab on our website where they can click on a link to make a donation to help support printing costs. Donors will receive a year’s worth of our printed paper in return for their generosity.

  61. shannon marie evert says:

    Hi I am wondering if there is any way to get a copy of every issue sent to me in the mail if I pay for it ? I have a friend in SQ he sends me copies of the paper once in a while but I would like to get it every time an issue comes out. At my expense instead of his (paying postage) please let me know.. you can email me at this address with any reply
    Thank you =)

  62. rozepotpourri says:

    This is a really good to know that the rate to ship anywhere in the US is $1.61 per issue. I was feeling so guilty when I donated $25.00 for one year of monthly subscriptions. I was so concerned that it was costing the newspaper staff so much more to send to me because I live in New York. I feel so much better now. I’m glad someone asked. 🙂

  63. rozepotpourri says:

    This is a really good to know that the rate to ship anywhere in the US is $1.61 per issue. I was feeling so guilty when I donated $25.00 for one year of monthly subscriptions. I was so concerned that it was costing the newspaper staff so much more to send to me because I live in New York. I feel so much better now. I glad someone asked. 🙂

  64. Thanks for your inquiry Diana. The San Quentin News is published monthly and is generally printed and distributed towards the latter part of each month. I will ask our managing editor to check if your son is on our mailing list. Please keep in mind that if your son is housed in a CDCR institution local policies and mail distribution relative to that institution may affect actual delivery dates.

  65. Hello Jake,

    Our postal rates of $1.61 (U.S. Dollars) covers the cost of postage to ship one copy of the San Quentin News anywhere in the United States. Postage rates overseas would probably require an additional cost. I will ask our distribution manager to look into the matter to determine the actual cost. In the meantime please continue to read the newest edition online at

  66. Diana Esparza says:

    I was wondering when does the newspaper go out?..once a month or what?..just son is at Bob Wiley Visalia , Calif…..he just told me he hasn’t gotten it.thank you

  67. Jake says:

    Sorry I heard that you guys can send out newspaper to readers is that true? What if i am in asia~

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  69. Alison —
    Thanks for the support!
    As for the Kickstarter suggestion: It’s a fine organization but it is not available to non-profit entities and San Quentin would not support a for-profit program.
    –SQ News

  70. Alison Dykstra says:

    I love getting the News and just sent in my donation. Thank you for your work. This is a great program that could get significant outside support; why don’t you try raising money on Kickstarter or one of the other online funding sites?

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  72. Okay. 🙂 Thank you for the information 🙂

  73. Thanks for providing the phone number for the prison Roze. There is also an organization called “Friends Outside” that specializes as a family liaison in San Quentin. They have an office on the prison grounds just outside the main gate and may prove helpful in finding information about a loved one or establishing contact with the prison administration. Their phone number is (415) 482-8509 and may be found on the internet at

  74. Ashley. I had that problem before trying to call for information. Did you try this number? (415) 454-1460. If all else fails, you may need to go to the prison to talk to someone. Wish I could give more info.

  75. Ashley says:

    Every single different number I’ve called to try and get in contact with a staff member at San Quentin State Prison has not been successful. It’s absolutely ridiculous that no body picks up a phone. I’ve called the main number to the prison, I’ve called the visitation sergant, and several different numbers to ask questions about things that I don’t understand. I have a loved on inside of that prison and the faculty is no help what so ever to me. This is extremely frustrating and I need answers.

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  188. Brian L. Baker says:

    I’d like to start receiving copies of your news paper at Pleasant Valley State Prison, again. The last issues we received were November 2013. How do we get back on the mailing list. I am the librarian on the “C” Yard. I would need enough for all 5 yards.

    Thank you.

  189. Write to:
    San Quentin News
    1 Main Street
    San Quentin, CA 94974
    Attn: Editor-in-Chief

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  191. Colin —

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  193. Wow. We know nothing about this. There was a paper at San Quentin in the early Thirties named Wall City News, and the current version of a San Quentin News began in December, 1940. But we’ve never heard of the paper you have unearthed. How many pages is it? Any chance you could make a pdf copy of it and send it to us? If so, send it to

  194. Dr. Manuel R. Roman, Jr. says:

    I would like to thank Lt. Robinson for another outstanding annual tour of San Quentin. My Criminal Justice class, Introduction to Corrections from Sierra College in Rocklin, California is provided a tour annually..This is always the highlight of the course. My students learn directly by attending the tour and asking questions of staff, Lt. Robinson.and inmates.
    A special event for the class is their direct question and answer session with inmates provided at the beginning of the tour in the Chapel. This always leaves a lifetime impression and when I encounter a student years later, they always bring up the San Quentin tour. Finally, your tour provides a good exposure for those who seek and obtain employment with CDCR. Thank you to all. Dr. Manuel R. Roman, Jr., Professor of Criminal Justice.

  195. Thanks for the good thoughts! The guys put a lot of work into it. The results are remarkable considering that the staff members had zero experience in the field before working on the S.Q. News.
    — Steve McNamara, Advisor

  196. John Dannenberg says:

    Just read the August issue, and was very impressed with the quality of writing, breadth of subject coverage, recency of news events, and the layout work. Kudos to all the folks there who plainly work so hard to put out this fine newspaper!

  197. Ed Aust says:

    As an “OG” (‘old guy’) myself, I enjoyed reading “Who’s Wrong and Where’s the Respect?” in the June issue. Watani Stiner’s words spoke to me. I can only imagine the challenges of sharing a tiny cell space with anyone, even my best friend! Thank you, Mr. Stiner, for your wise and universal words. Respecting others is truly a spiritual practice, and may God give us the strength to respect others in the same way that he respects and forgives us.

  198. John Dannenberg says:

    M. Scott. Rest comfortably knowing that prisoner health care and nutrition are controlled by the United States Constitution and international humans rights treaties, not by the San Quentin News. The News, on the other hand, demonstrates the high level of grammar, punctuation, and written expression that can be achieved by prisoners eager for the opportunity to come out of prison better than when they went in.

  199. M Scott, please rest easy. Neither your tax dollars nor anybody else’s go to pay for the printing of the San Quentin News. Nor do tax dollars pay for this website or the newspaper’s Facebook page. Those expenses are covered by private donations.

  200. M Scott says:

    I am utterly appalled that my tax dollars goes to publish this news letter. If our prisons are so in need of everything else including officers right down to office supplies and we are spending money on this publication that shows an inmates life (which by the way they have made it) shocks me. They are inmates for a reason. People need to know that they have better health care than a senior citizen that has never committed a crime against society, they are also fed. People in this state including kids go hungry but inmates don’t. You try to give them a job inside prison and they don’t want to work, doesn’t matter, they still eat and still get to see the doctor for free!!!!! Whats wrong with this picture. The people who publish this paper should be ashamed that they are taking money away from keeping society safe and glorifying what an Inmate goes through. Inmates are Inmates. Go visit a prison in green and see how they act!

  201. Joe from MD says:

    Heard about you on Peter B.Collins newscast.Looking forward to reading your site.

  202. Rocio – You cannot connect with an inmate through this website. Instead, go to At the top of that page there is a lineup of tabs. Second from right is Visitation. Click on that. On the page that comes up, click on Inmate Locator. That will guide you to connecting with an inmate.

  203. I really enjoyed meeting the staff of the San Quentin News today, quite impressed with the great work you are doing. I mentioned it in my podcast today, and urged listeners to browse here on the website.

  204. Linda Ayres-Frederick says:

    That’s amazing that Jonathan was released. It was Joey Mason who I saw on the news. Regards to all of you actor/artist/writers inside. Keep on keeping on! I look forward to the next performance.

  205. Linda —
    I found out today that there were two Joeys in Twelfth Night and the Joey you refer to was probably Joey Mason. That’s the thought of Luke Padgett, who was a principal in the production. Joey Mason has not been released. However, Jonathan Wilson, who also was in Twelfth Night, was released yesterday.
    — Steve McNamara, Adviser, SQ News.

  206. docrjr says:

    El direction principal es O le puedes exceibir al Warden, San Quentin Prison, San Quentin, California 94964

  207. rocio says:

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  210. Linda Ayres-Frederick says:

    In last year’s news, about repealing 3 strikes for certain offenses, I noticed on the news a couple of cast members from Hamlet & Twelfth Night that were interviewed for possible release. Whatever happened with that? I know such things take time and move very slowly.

  211. William Sheffield says:

    I wrote a column for the News when a student at Boalt Hall. It was a kind of question and answer column. I believe I wrote the column in 1970. Can you tell me where I could find those back issues on line?

    Thanks and best wishes. Judge William Sheffield

  212. Jake Adams says:

    For Susan–Not sure what you’re looking for spec. for Frank Morgan. But you may want to seek out Berkeley’s Ed Reed–a jazz singer. He is a very nice man who happened to be in SQ back in those days. He was interviewed for a doc I did. I don’t recall how much he knew Morgan. Also, there’s a book (in French!) on the SQ jazz band out there–I spoke to Morgan before he died, but he was very soft spoken and reticent to talk much–. Best,

  213. Susan —

    Sorry to say we don’t have copies that go that far back.

    Steve McNamara, adviser

  214. Dr. Manuel R. Roman, Jr. says:

    West Hays, UC Berkeley,
    As a Professor at Sierra College, I agree with you, my students love the SQ newspaper and the related assignments.

  215. The lockdown that we’re immediately aware of concerned the annual restriction of inmates to their cells on part of one day while the families of COs and administrative staff could have a “visiting day.”

  216. Professor of Criminal Justice, Manuel R Roman, Jr says:

    Inmates should be given everything as per Title 15, California Code of Regulations. Further, they should be allowed to vote.

  217. We are sorry to hear that your husband is having such a terrible time. If he has not been given soap or a shower, your frustration is warranted.

    However, the San Quentin News is written and produced by inmates who are housed in the prison, with first-hand knowledge of the inside conditions. According to them the article in question is accurate. Also, there are several different housing units at San Quentin. The article in the paper is representative of the Main Line, including North Block, H-Unit, West Block and the lower tiers of Donner section in South Block. The only section of the prison that has been suffering from lockdowns is South Block, which is the Reception and Administrative Segregation (The Hole) housing units.

    As for being treated humanely, there is no argument on this end. Your loved one should file an inmate appeal (Form 602) if he is in fact not allowed soap and is being deprived of showering.

  218. Larry —
    Thanks for the copy of Page 1 of the Wall City News! That certainly settles it. There was indeed a San Quentin newspaper before the San Quentin News. We have changed the “Background” page on this website accordingly. Thanks! – Steve McNamara, adviser.

  219. Larry Buchan says:

    Hello Steve:

    if you could send me an e-mail address I could send you some scans of the Wall City News, it’s a little bit tattered 82 years but readable.

    Best regards,

    Larry Buchan

  220. Larry, you may indeed be on to something. I spoke with Lt. Rudy Luna, who used to preside over the San Quentin Museum, and Lt. Sam Robinson, the current Public Information Officer. They both said that the Wall City News as a San Quentin Newspaper back in the Twenties or Thirties rings a distant bell. However, they can find no mention of it in the official records and no copies lodged in the museum. Warden Duffy, in his several books, spoke of starting the San Quentin News to give the inmates a voice. But I don’t believe that he said it had never been done before. So we seem to be left with this: Warden Duffy did start a San Quentin newspaper named the San Quentin News. Also, there may have been a predecessor publication named the Wall City News. Anybody out there have information on that? – Steve McNamara, adviser, San Quentin News.

  221. Larry Buchan says:

    My father Herman Buchan traveled to San Francisco in September 1930, he was a young man, 21 years old looking for employment, this was during the depression, and while riding a ferryboat he found a copy of the “Wall City News” above the masthead in red ink “The Only Newspaper in the World Published Within The Walls of a Prison.” Under the masthead is Volume 6 San Quentin, California, September 10, 1930 Number there is a large first line “EXTRA!” In red ink and the stories mention Shops When Tuggers War With Big Pull, Shops Victorious in Record-Breaking Meet, and Worden Holohan Thanks Visitors, also in red lettering in a box “AN APPRECIATION” referring to of the 17th annual field and track meet. In your Background you state your newspaper started publishing in 1940. Were you aware of this publication that predates your newspaper by 10 years.

  222. Gina Hamilton –

    Our press run is 6,000 copies and the paper is distributed throughout the prison, including to inmates in Reception. Occasionally there are problems, mostly coming from Correctional Officers who don’t want to bother having the paper distributed in their area. We deal with those issues as they arise. The warden and other officials are supportive. At an event he attended last Friday (May 18) at San Quentin the head of the prison system, Matthew Cate, groused to his aide that he hadn’t received a copy of the paper at his office in Sacramento recently and told our editor, Arnulfo Garcia, that henceforth Arnulfo should send six copies directly to him. So we’re not lacking for support from the top. — Steve McNamara, adviser.

  223. Josef N. says:

    Very good newspaper! I personally agree with the content (the need for prison reforms like housing, health care, reduction of overcrowding and so on! I also saw a documentary called (Land hinter Gittern/country behind bars). I do hope that some day the US American prison system will change (at least a little) the way it is in Denmark, Norway or Germany. Greetings from Trier, Germany!

  224. jim west says:

    As a former inmate 1960 to 1967 [A39029] paroled in 1970. I would like to know if back issues are available for that time frame? If so how can I obtain copies, would be glad to pay for them. Would also like to know if the 7th step program is
    still operating? I give them most of the credit for my continued freedom [42 years this coming August]. I was considered a hard core convict until I met Bill Sands [Author of My Shadow Ran Fast} and former Warden Clinton Duffy. Was raised in the correctional system, never thought I could be anything else until I got involved with the 7th step program.
    I hope there is a program similar that gives hope and direction to the ones everyone else gives up on.
    Living proof that a person can change if he or she takes the opportunity.
    Jim West, Bunkerville NV

  225. vincent c. trevino says:

    gotta say I’m proud of my father Daniel Trevino for his contribution to this news paper and for the many accomplishments he strived for during his lengthy sentenced. I read his columns from time to time and its a blessing to hear his voice through his writings.. 🙂 VINCENT C. TREVINO

  226. brigitt graves says:

    I have a loved one in San Quentin and would like to keep up on the news, can I order the paper? If so, how much is it?

  227. Deimon Brown says:

    Hello, my name is Deimon and I have a business that provides transportation for families with Love One’s who are incarcerated. My business is ONE MORE CHANCE NOW, web site is which tells about what I am doing. I would like to send you some flyers and posters so people can get the word out. I provide transportation from BART stations to the prisons and return them to BART. The cost for round trip varies on the miles to the prison. Please take a look at my website, then let me know if you want more information. I will check this site for reply or you can call Rex at the Telephone number on the website (510-545-6084 or 510-423-5967), or send email to
    Thank You

  228. Megan Stahl says:

    I’m a PhD student on revolutionary politics in the 70s and I’m wondering if anyone can help me find copies of the newspaper which preceded this one, The Outlaw. I’m also very interested in the inmate taught classes and discussion groups of the era but I have received no help from prison authorities, the CDC headquarters, or any of the public information officers so far. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

  229. Mike —

    When did your father play?

    I’ll ask at the prison if there is a way to access that sort of information, but it is probably not the case. Only within the past month has there been a plan to archive stories electronically so there is easy access.

    Steve McNamara
    San Quentin News

  230. Mike Jones says:

    Is it possible there is any history of semi pro baseball teams from San Francisco in any archives that I might look for my father when he played there?
    Mike Jones

  231. Shivani says:

    Just wanted to say that the very idea of a prison newspaper run by inmates for inmates is kind of the coolest thing I’ve heard of in awhile. Obviously your situations aren’t ideal but to see this sort of effort to turn things around and to utilize this time for better is seriously dope.
    You’ve inspired me to look into volunteering at my local woman’s correctional facility!
    Good luck and God bless.

  232. harry "john" scott Centre,Al says:

    was just listening to Johnny Cash singing San Quentin, remember it well. was an inmate there at the time he recorded his san quentin album. celebrated my 40 th year of being free from san quentin last month..i remember being told, you will be back.. thank god, i didn’t go back….still remember my number B-11097…. you can make it if you try…

  233. David Marsh says:

    Having spent two years in San Quentin (released in June, 2010) as a staff writer for the SQ News, I know first-hand what a struggle it is for the staff members to access hard facts and up-to-date information on current developments. There is no unfettered access for inmates to the internet, staff members or otherwise. The staff does a fine job with very limited resources. Go, SQ News! I am currently a weekly columnist for a local paper in the free world. Safe to say that I wouldn’t be in the position that I find myself today save for my experience on the SQ News staff. If more prisons had newspapers, not only would the inmates be much better informed on issues affecting them, but perhaps more just-released inmates could find a future in journalism in the free world, just as I have! It does work that way! Certainly worth pondering.

  234. James Harris says:

    I just got done reading a few issues of San Quentin News and am impressed with the quality of the work by inmates and staff to put together each issue.Thank you

  235. Hey guys,

    I am in receipt of the new issue and it looks great. We are happy to provide our magazine to your institution and it looks like we may have some influence on your content. Looking to visit the institution in the near future.

    Keep up the good work!

  236. as the founder and director of the beat within.
    i am thrilled to read and share the writings from you
    journalist in san quentin.
    thank you all!!

    i hope you all will take the time to share my work with your peers, given, sadly many of our young writers will one day be in sqsp.
    the beat within, a weekly publication of writing and art from inside juvenile hall and beyond. established in 1996.
    take a look at our website…

    all the best,


  237. Adam says:

    This is a fantastic newsletter! Just saw a post about you guys on the DOC’s FB page. Keep up the great work!


  238. Dannie Tupelo says:

    The SQ News is a wonderful venue for exposing the public to the men and women we have thrown away and tried to forget. I am guilty of that myself; it wasn’t until my life became directly affected by the decades of tough on crime legislation that I realized what we had been doing.

    It is long past time for change, and that change has got to come through a cooperative effort between the public and the prisoners who have managed – against staggering odds – to succeed within a system designed to defeat them.

    I would love to see some stories centering on issues that the prisoners believe are of importance toward this change. In their own words, told by those who have been through the wringer, those who have the experience of what is necessary for rehabilitation to happen.

    Lets hear what the prisoners ideas about how to fix the problems are. They seem (to me) to be eminently qualified to render an opinion.


    Dannie T.

  239. Dedan says:

    As long as members of the community of life are locked in institutions made of concrete and bars we are all imprisoned. The challenge that we have is to create a world that really works for everyone and heals the wounds of our souls so we can do away with places that so insults the highest aspirations of our humanity.

  240. Chuck McNelly says:

    Great that you now have a website. I shall visit it regularly.

  241. Joyce Griffin says:

    Thank you for the website and having access to your excellent newspaper. It’s an educational broadsheet that benefits outsiders probably more than anyone, as it reaches sensibilities and reduces fear. It brings humanity to the forefront and raises consciousness out here that you are there, living, breathing, working, and creating, and not just suffering. As we drive past the 12th c. SQ Fortress, it’s heartwarming to know the voices that are within are not different from the voices our here. Keep talking to us, and maybe one day we’ll get the message that it’s our insanity that keeps you on that side for much too long a period. Keep up the outstanding work. JG

  242. Thanks! I’ll pass on your comment to the newpaper staff today. I know they will be proud to hear it. — Steve McNamara, adviser.

  243. West Hays, UC Berkeley says:

    Of all the required reading we assign our students on prison policy and education, _SQ News_ is the only homework they don’t complain about. From all of us here at Cal, please relay our gratitude to your printers, editors, and especially Guild Writers.

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