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San Quentin News is the only prisoner-operated newspaper in the California prison system. Its reporters have a unique access to, and knowledge of, the workings of the state prison system that set them apart from any other journalist in the field. The newspaper focuses on providing an accurate view of prison life to its readers and on the analysis of criminal justice policy.

Currently over 13,000 Newspapers are printed and distributed monthly. Private individual funders and foundations make the printing and distribution of San Quentin News possible:

  • Columbia Foundation, $68,000.00 (2013)
  • Annenberg Foundation, $2,000.00 (2012)
  • RESIST, $2,000.00 (2012)
  • Marin Community Foundation, $5,000.00 (2011)

Individual donors provided San Quentin News with more than $9,000 in 2014.

The cost of printing and distribution for 13,000 SQ Newspapers is approximately $23,000.00 annually. Our immediate goals by end of 2016 is to circulate between 20-30 thousand newspapers to the 17 prisons currently receiving the newspaper, have more prisons and other institutions added to our circulation list, and to add part-time external support to aid with distribution and website maintenance. Our long-term goal is to provide all prisoners housed in California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation facilities (roughly 120,000) with access to a San Quentin Newspaper.

We thank you for your continued support by which we can reach our goals and achieve our mission of providing incarcerated women and men, criminal justice leaders and community advocates with the information and inspiration they need to better their lives, their communities and the lives of those affected by crime and violence.

Thank you for your support.


Editor-in-Chief Arnulfo T. Garcia reviewing the San Quentin Newspaper while design editor (background) Phoeun You works on a new edition

Editor-in-Chief Arnulfo T. Garcia reviewing the San Quentin Newspaper while design editor (background) Phoeun You works on a new edition


21 comments on “Support Page

  1. sandyraeblog says:

    Import article about the Three Strikes reform. Please read and please do your art to get involved and help get signatures to change this law and set free our NON VIOLENT family members who have served past a fair time already

  2. sandyraeblog says:

    If you have not read up on this please do and help change this three strikes. Help release the NON VIOLENT offenders who have served 15-25 yrs for a minor infraction just bcuz of this old law.

  3. sandyraeblog says:

    Please talk to everyone you know about getting signatures on the initiative to change the Three Strikes reform. Someone important to me along with so many other inmates are serving a 25-life term because of this 3 strikes law when the crimes we’re minor infractions. These NON VIOLENT offenders deserve a chance to be let out to be with family & live a new life. Murderers and repeat rapists today don’t even get this time on a sentence. We need to fix the wrong and make it right!
    Click on ” welcome” link towards bottom of this link & help get signatures

  4. sandyraeblog says:

    I have someone very special and important to me here, I try to come see him every weekend possible. I come from the Fresno/Modesto area and most of the time sleep in my car Saturday night after visiting him so I can see him again Sunday.. I can’t always afford a motel. If any wives/girlfriends of inmates who live close by willing to get to know me & maybe let me stay at your house or even share a motel room if you get one it be much appreciated. Please contact me

  5. cathy knight says:

    I would like to receive the san Quentin news paper. How do I go about this?

  6. Mrs. Simpson says:

    This initiative is the change that we need, please spread the word, and let’s work toward getting those signatures.

  7. SherrellMchenry says:

    My man is there . He is a wonderful man . If you know someone going from Los Angeles to San Francisco let me know.

  8. SherrellMchenry says:

    I have a book there he a wonderful man. Can’t wait to see him.

  9. max monroe says:

    I have a son doing life in prison. three strike law sent him there in 1994 he’s still there after 20 years do you call that fair. people that kill don’t do that long. Max Monroe #H-74899 b-4-11 PO box 5102 Delano Ca. 92316

  10. Isabelle Ruiz says:

    I want to help collect signatures to get this 3 strikes law out of our lives for good.How do i collect signatures?I want a petition that voters can sign,help me or send me what i need.I have a brother who i affected by this law in prison right now!

  11. Melissa Haas says:

    Hello, my name is Melissa, and my boyfriend is in SQ,(Michael Oryall) he just moved there recently. My problem is I live in Grants Pass, Oregon, and I’m not sure how I can get down there to visit him, does anyone know about people that might carpool to San Quentin? Please email me: I haven’t seen him since 2012, and I miss him terribly! Thanks

  12. Roxanne says:

    Want to know if inmates that contracted Legionnaires Disease from San Quinton prision contamination / outbreak are going to receive any type of compensation. He’s 35, and going down hill real fast.

  13. Story says:

    I am trying to find a Story from SQ news paper about some entrpreneur from silacon valley that came to SQ to help find Ways to start new business when you get out.It was in 2015 paper
    Dated June or July.p

  14. Barbara Bracy says:

    what happened with the documentary that Ice Tee was supposed to be doing on the San Quentin Newspaper?.

  15. Tashia says:

    **** ATTENTION **** Hello, I’m ltrying to get the word out for EVERYONE to go to… and sighn the petition to get California’s 3 strike law on the ballot to be OVERTURNED. TIME IS RUNNING OUT!! SO PLEASE ASK EVERYONE YOU KNOW TO SIGHN and LETS MAKE THIS CHANGE!!!!! A LOT OF signatures are still needed. For more information and to sighn
    Yours Forever,
    Tashia ♡

  16. Cornelia Goecke says:

    Does anyone know more about the current outbreak and especially how are the ones on death row?
    I would be grateful if contacting me by Mail. The general information leaves lot unclear. ..
    Thank you.

  17. Diana says:

    My son David Tafel is in badger 5th tier #50 I’m his mother I LOVE him so much.worried about the pneumonia outbreak.

  18. Lucia says:

    Hi there I have been seeing the news about the outbreak
    I’m wondering if I can’t help donating water bottles
    To the inmates
    My brother is in san Quentin so I would like to help please anyone contact me in my email
    I love you Rafael Alvarez HANGING in there

  19. Interested parties who would like to contribute to the San Quentin News may do so by contacting us via email at or through snail mail at CSP-San Quentin, Education Department/S.Q. News, 1 Main Street, San Quentin, CA 94964

  20. Sr. Carmel Crimmins says:

    Greetings from Ireland!
    I am a Religious volunteer at San Quentin. I brought a copy of The San Quentin Times to Ireland and took a photo holding it in front of Blarney Castle.
    I would like to send it to you but can’t find an email to do that.
    Please help!

  21. Briana Wagner says:

    Hi my names briana my husband (George Wagner cdcr # AX1843) just got transfered to your prison yesterday, PLEASE if you will tell him i love him and i miss him and to keep his head up im here for him and have him write me at 2677 kendrick circle san jose ca 95121 or
    5740 condor circle san jose ca 95118 and my phone # 707-245-3449/707-245-1511

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